Tailor-made solutions

Ferm RFID solutions is specialized in realizing specific tag solutions for a variation of solutions and customers

Ferm RFID solutions is able to design and distribute labels to meet specific requirements.

There are also standard products within our portfolio which are already in use by several customers. A good example is the Drents museum: download the case study (PDF).

Standard: flexibility

The patented production method allows each custom antenna to be designed within a few hours of development.

This allows each customer demand to translate into a specific tag. In recent years Ferm RFID solutions therefore has been able to build a database with more than hundred standard and custom antenna designs and thus applications.

Some examples:

  • Absolute flexibility with regard to size, format and read distance (based on customers’ needs);
  • Better performance in every orientation because the antenna (copper wire) is about 30x thicker than an etched antenna);
  • Adaptability of reading distance and correction of detuning effects of environment and materials;
  • Eco-friendly additive process with no waste at all;
  • Tag can last high temperature (up till 240 degrees);
  • Tag can be produced on every material without “strange (plastic) material in between”.


Ferm RFID solutions has the first 'green' tag, which is developed in a environmental-friendly way, without any waste.

After introduction of the world standard the use of RFID chips applied on item level is growing rapidly. Parallel to the growth in the use of RFID the first discussions about environmental impact, associated with the use of RFID chips, started.

The European Committee stated that RFID chips with an etched antenna and a plastic inlay should be considered as chemical waste. To our opinion, the RFID market has no concrete answer to this discussion yet.

RFID Solutions

1. RFID Education

Our training and education treats all aspects and issues concerning RFID. From technique and its impact on business processes to market developments and best practices.

When desired, we will develop a custom training to fit to your wishes. It's good to know that our guest lectures at Nijenrode Business University were reviewed as the best of the year by the students.

2. RFID Strategy workshop

Together we will determine what the value of RFID will be for your organization. A workshop is sufficient to establish a concept of what the possibilities are for you.

Often, a one-day workshop is enough to get a clear view. 

3. RFID Business case

Before starting to work with Radio Frequency IDentification, you might want to know whether or not the application of RFID is economically feasible. Therefore we offer you the expertise to quickly determine if and how a successful business case can be expected.

4. RFID Proof of concept

To make sure we provide you with the best RFID-solution, it is important to test the techniques available to you - in your own environment. We perform these tests quickly and efficiently.

Often, these tests take about a day. This way you will know exactly what to expect.

5. RFID Pilot

Prior to performing RFID-applications, the application will be tested in your company and processes. Because of controlled-testing the application we provide you with is a tailored solution, a perfect fit for your organization and situation. In addition we discover - and solve - possible problems prematurely.

6. RFID Implementation & roll out

Our experts monitor the application from beginning to end. Effectively and successfully, so you can focus on the core business of your company and can benefit quickly from the advantages that RFID has to offer.

7. RFID Site survey

The RFID site survey helps us to determine quickly and effectively whether or not the techniques in your company, and RFID-environment, function the way they should. Malfunction in hard- and software will be investigated and cancelled if necessary. You will soon, again, benefit from the advantages of RFID.

8. RFID Audit

Unfortunately, RFID is not yet a plug-and-play technique. It might be possible that you need a second opinion about your RFID project.

Ferm RFID solutions provides expert research for your RFID project. Based on this report we will help you to make your RFID project a success.